Saving energy is good business because it cuts expenses. It’s also environmentally wise and responsible. There are many things you can do to save on energy costs in your office, which can be simple things each of us can do.

Saving Tips

  • Power Down
    Put your computer and monitor to sleep while not in use

  • Unplug It
    Unplug electronics such as cell phones and laptops once they’re charged. Adapters plugged into outlets use energy even if they’re not charging.

  •  Save Paper
    Print and copy double-sided on each piece of paper

  • Lights Out

    Don’t forget to turn off your office light(s) when you leave

  • Temperature Control

    During summer months, adjusting your thermostat setting up one degree typically can save 2-3% on cooling costs

  •  Recycle

    Make sure to properly dispose of paper, plastic, metal, glass, batteries, bulbs and electronics

 Recycling Resources